What Is Report Definition And Meaning

According To The New Quarterly Report We Spent Over 2 Million In Travel Expenses Last Quarter So We Need To Stop Flying First Class

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Report Definition Of Report By The Free Dictionary

Report Rprt N 1 A A Formal Account Of The Proceedings Or Transactions Of A Group A Companys Annual Report B A Spoken Or Written Account Of An Event

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Report Define Report At Dictionarycom

Report Definition An Account Or Statement Describing In Detail An Event Situation Or The Like Usually As The Result Of Observation Inquiry Etc A Report On The

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Account Definition Of Account By The Free Dictionary

Account Kount N 1 A Narrative Or Record Of Events 2 A A Reason Given For A Particular Action Or Event What Is The Account For This Loss B A Report

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Report Meaning In The Cambridge English Dictionary

Report Meaning Definition What Is Report To Give A Description Of Something Or Information About It To Someone Learn More

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